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Face Scrubbie - Purple Floral (3 pack)

Face Scrubbie - Purple Floral (3 pack)

Introducing our Face Scrubbie in Purple Floral, the perfect eco-friendly addition to your skincare routine. Made from 100% cotton, this reusable pad gently and effectively exfoliates your face, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Say goodbye to disposable cotton face pads and switch to this sustainable alternative. The softly textured surface provides an optimal solution for cleansing, removing dirt and impurities from your pores. Add this beautiful and practical accessory to your daily routine for a healthier and more environmentally-friendly skincare experience.
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  • How to use

    Use the scrubbies as you would use a regular washcloth. Get the scrubbie wet and squeeze out any excess water. Add your soap or cleanser, and wash your face. They can also be used with your favourite makeup remover or face toner. 

  • How to care for

    They’re easy to take care of too, just toss the in the washer with your regular laundry. 

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